JAMAL V. POMPEO (CACD CASE # 2:19-06967 PA (GJSx))



In Jamal v. Pompeo, 9 Syrian American families are challenging the U.S. Government’s unreasonable administrative delays in adjudicating case-by-case waivers of under the travel ban. Challenged policies include the U.S. Government’s designating the authority and discretion to approve case-by-case waivers to individual consular officers to consular managers, visa chiefs, consular section chiefs, consular management and Visa Office, which is unlawful under Presidential Proclamation 9645, §3(C) ("PP 9645"). Plaintiffs in this action are U.S. citizens, Legal Permanent Residents, and their Syrian national relatives or fiancées who were visa applicants that had been denied timely adjudication of case-by-case PP 9645 waivers. They have already waited for travel ban waivers an average of 338 days since their applications were refused pursuant to PP 9645. This hardship is compounded by the fact that Plaintiffs have waited, as of the time the case was filed, an average of 564 days since NVC created their cases.

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